so here are a few pictures of my studio in our new house. we have only been here for just under a month so there are boxes still unpacked, my studio as the storeroom until we find the time to put things away. but despite the messiness and the choas of fabric everywhere, i love having my own room.

now get ready for the madness… here is my studio after my first night of working on my current bag order. i had the capture it while you could still find the sewing machine and chair. thank god for memorial day, not that i believe the cause of it is very good, but the post office is closed so that gives me one more day of sewing. i can actually sleep and maybe fit in an x-files episode.

one last thing, this is the great fabric i got from hancocks a few weeks ago. it will be incorporated into most of the bags and i’m sad to say i couldn’t keep any for myself, but hopefully the rest of the roll is still at the store…i should of stuffed it under a huge pile for safe keepings until next time i go fabric shopping. it has butterflies, bees, and dragonflies throughout.