so rarely do my husband and I collaborate and it not end in almost divorce, but this time we had our own separate parts… and we survived. picasso’s coffeehouse commissioned us to do curtains for their front room. i sewed eight coffee sacks together with ties and michael painted some retro-style coffee pictures on them. they turned out great and they look pretty cool.


new bags

these are some of the new bags, they are available still, but who knows for how long.

this first bag is awesome, not only because it says “gayo mountain” in hot pink, but the fabric is really cool and there is en elephant.

here are two more bags.

old art

so i have decided to consoliodate my to blogs and just keep fair ophelia. i will slowly transfer over some of the posts. here’s the first… all of my old art from the 2006 show.

“creation” watercolor, charcoal, hand-made paper… basically mixed media. 2006 (AVAILABLE FOR SALE… MAYBE)

“josephine” mixed media on papyrus 2006

“Na-Do” mixed media on paper 2006

“laying nude” charcoal, hand-made paper on papyrus 2006 *** i love this piece***

“eyes of blue” mixed media on papyrus 2006 (AVAILABLE FOR SALE)

“j. pommy vega” charcoal and hand-made paper on papyrus 2006 (AVAILABLE FOR SALE)

“sitting nude” mixed media on cardboard 2006 (AVAILABLE FOR SALE)

“frida” charcoal and acrylic paint on tar paper 2006

commissioned house portrait 2006

1st graffiti piece, under a layer of paint and ruble by now… 2007

“picasso and his women” oil pastels, charcoal and hand-made paper on paper 2006

so that’s it for now, i still need to take pictures of this year’s art show pieces…

Some of the pieces are still for sale, but i can let go of them… maybe.