the latest of the cuteness.. the fair ophelia

…and her rock…


my bag… all mine

so i finally made my own bag again. i couldn’t bring myself to do an exact replica of my stolen one, but i did use the same green curtains for the exterior. I decided to go ahead and use the upper half of a vintage “Kay-Dee” linen wall-hanging that was given to me by the nice lady at the antique store next to Picasso’s. The flowers are Dogwoods… the bottom half of the linen says Missouri and has a butterfly amoungst the limbs ( a little too touristy for my own taste). so yeah I have my own bag to show off.

the lovely tag that michael silkscreened for me to use in my bags. its great having a husband whose an almost jack of all trades.

speaking of michael, he just finished the shakespeare in the park play, “Comedy of Errors.”

He painted the set and played a small part, but probally the funniest one.

my step dad John also was in the play too. he was the southern doctor and he always does a great job.

kids are a cryin’ gots to go…

europe… then the world!!!!

i know this is a little silly, but here is my bag, thanks to Carrey, in Italy… i think it works.

and look how nice it looks with her super sexy-perfect-for-italy-dress.

i have been busy trying to keep cool and keep the kids from being so cranky.  i started waiting tables at a local wine bar/bistro called The Vine. its on the historic main st., here in st. charles.  and i must say that i am impressed.  being from portland, i can appreciate what they are doing and the fact that seasoned curly fries are not on their menu like most of the restaurants.  we have crepes and seared ahi!!!  we have our first wine tasting tomorrow.  we’ll see how things turn out and if 3:00 pm tipsy works out.

next week is my birthday.  stars and stripes forever man,  and hopefully i will be working.  i gots to get paid!  anyways if anyone does wish to persue present giving, then i would love any of these things:

gift cards to: hancocks fabric, forever 21 ( yes i know, stop laughing…), or any craft/art supply store.

otherwise, i love what ever comes from the heart **sigh…sniff**

i haven’t been taking pictures of a few of my bags that i have sold in the last two weeks, so i’m going to try and track some down and post the shots.  i decided to put up my non-coffee sack bags at Picassos’s coffeehouse, 101 N. Main St. St. Charles, just until I have enough time to make enough to have a market booth.

ok so i have to do laundry, more soon.

will i ever keep a bag for myself?

I few months back a friend of mine offered his mother’s collection of fabrics to me and i was estatic to find a lot of amazing stuff from the 1930s and on.  One fabric jumped out and I knew that I had to make myself a bag out of it… so I did last night and like always someone sees it and I end up selling it off.  this time it was to my cousin and she will be sporting a fair ophelia original in italy next week.  here are a few shots of her modeling it.  i think that i still have enough left over to make myself another one and that one will stay in my posession… probally…

sleepy time

they are adorable when they are sleeping…and most of the time when they are awake…


so here are a few pictures of my studio in our new house. we have only been here for just under a month so there are boxes still unpacked, my studio as the storeroom until we find the time to put things away. but despite the messiness and the choas of fabric everywhere, i love having my own room.

now get ready for the madness… here is my studio after my first night of working on my current bag order. i had the capture it while you could still find the sewing machine and chair. thank god for memorial day, not that i believe the cause of it is very good, but the post office is closed so that gives me one more day of sewing. i can actually sleep and maybe fit in an x-files episode.

one last thing, this is the great fabric i got from hancocks a few weeks ago. it will be incorporated into most of the bags and i’m sad to say i couldn’t keep any for myself, but hopefully the rest of the roll is still at the store…i should of stuffed it under a huge pile for safe keepings until next time i go fabric shopping. it has butterflies, bees, and dragonflies throughout.

amy’s bag

my friend asked me a long time ago to convert her old pajamas into a bag so here is what i finally came up with…

the print was pretty pastelly and i wanted to bring out some out the brighter colors and make it hip. michael and i decided to just cut out the floral parts and i think it ended up good. this is my first time sewing this style and after losing my own bag, i think i’ll remake it with this new pattern.

a factory within

it seems that an update is needed, well, i just finished up at school, until fall term, and i’m gearing up for a summer of sewing and art making. i am in the beginning stages of selling my bags on the west coast… and florida… it is all due to this wonderful lady. however, that amount a bag orders coming in is getting intense and i’m looking for a co-worker. i have a few friends in mind, but no one is confirmed as of yet.

so before i could get a picture of the bag i made for myself last month, it was stolen this weekend. they better of given it to someone for a mother’s day present!!! …along with the missing flower pot outside of the bar i was at… so this means that i will have to make a new bag for myself and i have found the motherload of awesome fabric at hancock’s. the best part is that for four days my $6/yrd. will be $1.99/yd. HOLY MOTHER OF A SALE!!!! i forgot that I never got a picture of my art bag either. things to do . things to do.

a whole lot of freakin’ dots…

i finally finished the house portrait of my aunts office. i decided to scratch the one i started with charcoal and to do something a little more my style, like pen and ink on papyrus. i would like to think that when someone saw this that it didn’t look like a typical portrait. i exaggerated some of the lines to make it feel a little off/ or expanding. well this pictures makes it look alot more exaggerated. so i’m off to finish another project. I made a bag to carry my drawing board and pads for school. it’s huge and beautiful. since i walk about ten blocks to and from school and my drawing class is another four blocks from school, i had to find some sort of comfortable way to tote everything… and looking spiffy came to mind as well. i’ll post a picture soon.

final design

here are the pictures of the messenger bag and purse.

these are two more bags that i made in the last few days.

i have about ten bags/purses to make in the next week and due to the lack of electricity…crazy ice storm we had last weekend…i am so far behind.   not to mention, the house portrait that i promised my aunt is still hanging up half way done.

michael went to chicago for the weekend and i’m going to try and get as much housework and organizing done while there is one less body around to mess things up… or distract me.

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