old art

so i have decided to consoliodate my to blogs and just keep fair ophelia. i will slowly transfer over some of the posts. here’s the first… all of my old art from the 2006 show.

“creation” watercolor, charcoal, hand-made paper… basically mixed media. 2006 (AVAILABLE FOR SALE… MAYBE)

“josephine” mixed media on papyrus 2006

“Na-Do” mixed media on paper 2006

“laying nude” charcoal, hand-made paper on papyrus 2006 *** i love this piece***

“eyes of blue” mixed media on papyrus 2006 (AVAILABLE FOR SALE)

“j. pommy vega” charcoal and hand-made paper on papyrus 2006 (AVAILABLE FOR SALE)

“sitting nude” mixed media on cardboard 2006 (AVAILABLE FOR SALE)

“frida” charcoal and acrylic paint on tar paper 2006

commissioned house portrait 2006

1st graffiti piece, under a layer of paint and ruble by now… 2007

“picasso and his women” oil pastels, charcoal and hand-made paper on paper 2006

so that’s it for now, i still need to take pictures of this year’s art show pieces…

Some of the pieces are still for sale, but i can let go of them… maybe.



  1. james said,

    October 27, 2007 at 4:30 pm

    Beautiful, (although I like them better in person, with the textural density)

    Michael sent me a link to some family photos. Your kids are cuter than ever.

    If I can I’ll come down for xmas.


  2. Skanky Jane said,

    November 2, 2007 at 2:52 am

    Stunning! LOVE your Frida Khalo portrait (although I can’t read (Latin?) I guess it is something about the artist’s ongoing relevance? Nice to meet you and your blog – Garage Monkey mentioned you today at Art Blog Review – I hope you will consider membership in our group – it is quite a mix of artists – cruising Members blogs last night I was pleasantly surprised by the talent and diversity! You’re bookmarked for future visits. It’s practically a full time occupation this blogging business – not only working on one’s own but making that all important time for reading/viewing the work of others. I’m hooked! (and probably doomed to a life of poverty and sloth because of it!) Oh well…*sigh*.. šŸ™‚ SJ xx

  3. Shariyah said,

    September 15, 2010 at 2:36 am

    I just discovered your blog- so lucky me! I SO love your Frida Kahlo painting…is it for sale perhaps? I would love to own it! Please let me know, I am very interested. Will follow your blog to see more of your beautiful work!
    Peace & Love,


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