art and bags

so i finally uplaoded pictures from the last month…

chris, the owner of picasso’s has given me an old card stand to temporarily use for my bags until i can find a more elegant one. due to my work on my upcoming art show, he is running seriously low. the only one still for sale is the missouri bag.

and this one just sold a few days ago.

i have a growing list of bags to make once my art opening comes and goes. for those of you who can make it. it will be next friday, aug. 3rd at 7pm. picasso’s coffee 101 n main st. st. charles, mo. i’m still working on confirming the music for the night, but hopefully it is the amazing bird baker. i will also have my friend and co-collective artist, stella perkins, hang a few of her pieces. my show will consist of my usual mixed media pieces and also some experimental sewing machine stitched art. here’s a sneak at my first finished piece…

i’m working on a multitude of pieces right now and pray that everything will be ready to hang come friday. love to you all!!!



the latest of the cuteness.. the fair ophelia

…and her rock…

my bag… all mine

so i finally made my own bag again. i couldn’t bring myself to do an exact replica of my stolen one, but i did use the same green curtains for the exterior. I decided to go ahead and use the upper half of a vintage “Kay-Dee” linen wall-hanging that was given to me by the nice lady at the antique store next to Picasso’s. The flowers are Dogwoods… the bottom half of the linen says Missouri and has a butterfly amoungst the limbs ( a little too touristy for my own taste). so yeah I have my own bag to show off.

the lovely tag that michael silkscreened for me to use in my bags. its great having a husband whose an almost jack of all trades.

speaking of michael, he just finished the shakespeare in the park play, “Comedy of Errors.”

He painted the set and played a small part, but probally the funniest one.

my step dad John also was in the play too. he was the southern doctor and he always does a great job.

kids are a cryin’ gots to go…