europe… then the world!!!!

i know this is a little silly, but here is my bag, thanks to Carrey, in Italy… i think it works.

and look how nice it looks with her super sexy-perfect-for-italy-dress.

i have been busy trying to keep cool and keep the kids from being so cranky.  i started waiting tables at a local wine bar/bistro called The Vine. its on the historic main st., here in st. charles.  and i must say that i am impressed.  being from portland, i can appreciate what they are doing and the fact that seasoned curly fries are not on their menu like most of the restaurants.  we have crepes and seared ahi!!!  we have our first wine tasting tomorrow.  we’ll see how things turn out and if 3:00 pm tipsy works out.

next week is my birthday.  stars and stripes forever man,  and hopefully i will be working.  i gots to get paid!  anyways if anyone does wish to persue present giving, then i would love any of these things:

gift cards to: hancocks fabric, forever 21 ( yes i know, stop laughing…), or any craft/art supply store.

otherwise, i love what ever comes from the heart **sigh…sniff**

i haven’t been taking pictures of a few of my bags that i have sold in the last two weeks, so i’m going to try and track some down and post the shots.  i decided to put up my non-coffee sack bags at Picassos’s coffeehouse, 101 N. Main St. St. Charles, just until I have enough time to make enough to have a market booth.

ok so i have to do laundry, more soon.


will i ever keep a bag for myself?

I few months back a friend of mine offered his mother’s collection of fabrics to me and i was estatic to find a lot of amazing stuff from the 1930s and on.  One fabric jumped out and I knew that I had to make myself a bag out of it… so I did last night and like always someone sees it and I end up selling it off.  this time it was to my cousin and she will be sporting a fair ophelia original in italy next week.  here are a few shots of her modeling it.  i think that i still have enough left over to make myself another one and that one will stay in my posession… probally…