a whole lot of freakin’ dots…

i finally finished the house portrait of my aunts office. i decided to scratch the one i started with charcoal and to do something a little more my style, like pen and ink on papyrus. i would like to think that when someone saw this that it didn’t look like a typical portrait. i exaggerated some of the lines to make it feel a little off/ or expanding. well this pictures makes it look alot more exaggerated. so i’m off to finish another project. I made a bag to carry my drawing board and pads for school. it’s huge and beautiful. since i walk about ten blocks to and from school and my drawing class is another four blocks from school, i had to find some sort of comfortable way to tote everything… and looking spiffy came to mind as well. i’ll post a picture soon.


final design

here are the pictures of the messenger bag and purse.

these are two more bags that i made in the last few days.

i have about ten bags/purses to make in the next week and due to the lack of electricity…crazy ice storm we had last weekend…i am so far behind.   not to mention, the house portrait that i promised my aunt is still hanging up half way done.

michael went to chicago for the weekend and i’m going to try and get as much housework and organizing done while there is one less body around to mess things up… or distract me.

contact info

if anyone has questions or interest in any products, i can be reached by email:   wordsinbminor@gmail.com.

i start up at school again in two weeks and things are going to be crazy.  i have three messenger bags to make for next week and my aunt has commisioned me to do a custom house portrait of her office.  i’m hoping that i can be done with it by the weekend.  i haven’t attempted any architectural drawings in 10 or more years (high school) and my ratio conversions are very sketchy.  i’ll post the piece as soon as i finish it.

coffee sack bags

messinger bag

Here are some pictures of the first messenger bag that I made. The final design is a bit different. A mixture from craftster and tiny happy. I decided to make the strap a separate piece and attach on the outside of the bag’s side panels. I think that this will make them more durable. Oh, and this one doesn’t have the buttons on it yet. I found some pretty cool vintage metal and wooden buttons, at Michael’s of all places. I didn’t take any pictures of the womens purse, but i’ll have to steal one for a bit to do so. I sold a bunch of them toPicasso’s Coffeehouse, both styles,  and I am currently taking custom orders.